Understanding IBS Treatment Options for a Normal Life

Anyone who suffers from IBS knows how painful and embarrassing attacks can be. A large percentage of adults are actually suffering from this abdominal disorder that affects the colon, even if they are confusing them with other disorders related to the digestive system. Thankfully, there exists an IBS treatment that is successful in that it reduces the frequency of attacks.

Natural IBS Treatment

One of the best ways to treat IBS is naturally. The importance is to restore the balance of the digestive system. Whether you have experienced consistent or inconsistent performance in your digestive system, starting a natural IBS treatment is the way to go. However, before starting this natural treatment, it’s important to know the types of symptoms you’re experiencing, as they are different for everyone.

IBS Treatment Options for Constipation

Frequent constipation is a typical symptom of IBS. The body extracts an excess of amount of liquid from the intestine at the time of digestion. This leaves solid waste compacting within the colon. Your doctor or healthcare provider is likely to recommend an increased amount of fiber, as with bran or psyllium. To improve symptoms of constipation caused by IBS, taking a probiotic supplement would also prove beneficial. Very often, the problem with in the colon is the imbalance between the good and bad bacteria. Probiotic supplements will increase the beneficial bacteria to help alleviate the symptoms of constipation caused by IBS.

IBS Treatment Options for Diarrhea

While some suffer from constipation, others experience bouts of violent diarrhea and painful cramping associated with IBS. The excessive gas and bloating, sometimes accompanied by nausea can greatly interfere with the lives of sufferers. Doctors often recommend the elimination of foods from the diet known to cause gas, such as cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Doctors may also prescribe medications to treat diarrhea as well as others to relieve the painful spasms. Also, many patients are prescribed antidepressants to relax the intestines, but some patients just aren’t comfortable taking these various medications.

Natural Treatment Options for IBS

IBS treatment

The natural IBS treatment options can actually be quite effective. Many are strong believers of probiotic supplements and yogurt, which is a natural way to increase good bacteria in the gut. Take probiotic supplements daily. In doing so, sufferers noticed an improvement in their gut health. For some, they have experienced more manageable symptoms, while others experience less frequent attacks. Since everyone is different, each should pay special attention to their own symptoms and what may trigger them.


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