Tips For Traveling With IBS to Avoid an Attack

We all wait for that first day of our vacation. It’s been planned and scheduled for a year. We’ve shopped and strategically planned and packed for the time of the year that we get to relax and unwind. Whether it’s a simple weekend getaway or a long anticipated trip to the Caribbean, taking a break is necessary. It’s a way to recharge our batteries. However, anyone who suffers from IBS can make travel horrendous. We’ve put together a list of tips for traveling with IBS.

Numerous concerns pop out for those with symptoms that can really stop you in your tracks. The tips provided below will help you avoid a flare-up, or worse, help you cope if one does occur. These tips are meant to ensure a serene and restful holiday, as it should be.

5 Tips for Traveling with IBS

  1. Always have a snack handy whether when traveling by car or by plane.

– Munching on nuts is a good choice.
– A homemade high Fiber granola bar with low sugar is a great snack.
– Prepare of veggie wrap that’s easy to carry and enjoy, loaded with greens and healthy fats.
– Fruit or vegetables

2. Eating Out In Fast Food Restaurants

– Opt for a salad.
– Go with the healthiest sandwich option, with whole-wheat bread.
– Avoid sugary snacks and all fried foods.
– Choose a side order of vegetables for your lunch.

tips for traveling with IBS

3. Restaurant Dining

– Start the meal with a salad.
– Avoid beverages and choose water.
– Order more vegetables to get that added fiber necessary.
– Avoid pasta dishes and choose a protein-based entree
– Skip the dessert, or if you must, then share it with your loved ones. Better yet, choose fruit as a dessert.

4. Eating At Friends’ Homes

– Keep it light, with smaller portions.
– Eat at home beforehand. Choose a small healthy meal.
– Drink a few glasses of water.
– Take a probiotic before leaving home.
– Enjoy as much of the fresh vegetables served.

The IBS Attack While Traveling

– Breathe deeply.
– Carry peppermint tea bags and make a cup of tea.
– Drink plenty of water.
– Use a hot water bottle to ease the discomfort.
– Eat broth soup.
– Stay away from sugar, refined flour, dairy products, and alcohol.
– Do some exercises. Stretch and walk around to alleviate gas pockets.

  1. Be prepared for an IBS attack to know how to nip it in the bud. It sure takes some planning, but these attacks will be short-lived when prepared. Your state of mind plays a role in the attacks, so try to stay relaxed. Safe and happy travels to you!
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